Toxins in sunscreens

Posted by bantock   on October 25, 2016
Category :General Health
Your sunscreen contains these toxic chemicals Dr. Chris Bantock, DC We know Vitamin D synthesis is decreased with sunscreen use, but that still means we should be protecting our skin when we go outside for long periods of time.  So what should we look for in sunscreens that perhaps we should sway away from and what are better alternatives to many of the sunscreens out there?  I will summarize Environmental Working Group’s guide to sunscreensRead More
Reversing Dementia with Functional Medicine Grandma doesn’t remember you.  Dad can’t remember his address, or the way home from work, or the combination to his gym locker.  Mom can’t remember any of her appointments or what she ate a few hours earlier.  We may have known or know someone just like this, and their memory does not getany better.  Alzheimer’s disease has been without an effective treatment since it was first described over a 100Read More
Chronic Stress and Mindfulness   Many people had a new years resolution about  being more mindful.  I am constantly seeing news articles about mindfulness based stress reduction and meditation.  Regardless of a new years resolution or not, mindfulness based stress reduction is a practice that should be constantly implemented and worked at.  The health effects are endless and are always being studied as we speak.  How and what we think and feel can create diseaseRead More