Have you seen the mountains lately? Neither have I.

Pollution is quite prevalent this summer with much of the wildfires in surrounding mountain areas. This can take quite a toll on our health when this is the air that we have to breathe in. In fact, the smaller the molecule the worse it is for our health. These molecules include particulate matter and gaseous matter.  

How did you sleep last night? Some people will turn to their Fitbit or device on their wrists almost immediately when you ask them. But just how much can you trust that device?   Sleep disorders are on the rise, and according to the National Sleep Foundation, about a 1/3 of Americans say their sleep quality is poor or fair. Some seek out the device to help them track their sleep better. However,

He’s getting enough magnesium, are you?
  When consulting patients at my functional medicine practice, I am finding many people are deficient or insufficient in magnesium. Some are taking magnesium, though they are not sure why, and some are also just taking a poor form of magnesium.   Magnesium is important for over 300 different chemical reactions in the body including blood sugar control,

Toxins in sunscreens

Posted by Chris Bantock, DC on October 25, 2016

Category: General Health

Your sunscreen contains these toxic chemicals

Dr. Chris Bantock, DC

We know Vitamin D synthesis is decreased with sunscreen use, but that still means we should be protecting our skin when we go outside for long periods of time.  So what should we look for in sunscreens that perhaps we should sway away