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Thyroid Health



Wednesday, May 18th, Noon at 4500 Cherry Creek Dr. S. #103, Glendale, CO 80246

Monday, May 23rd, 6:30pm at 7465 E 1st Ave Suite C, Denver, CO 80230 (inside Hellenic Laser Spa)


Let's discuss the vast implications your thyroid has on your physiology, how to look deeper into thyroid problems, and what may be overlooked when looking at your thyroid health.  A complimentary light lunch will be served, so please RSVP accordingly as there will be food waiting for you.




Gut Health, Don't Hate Your Guts!

Wednesday, April 20th @ Noon

Where: 4500 Cherry Creek Dr. S. #103, Glendale, CO 80246


This is the new date, from when we canceled due to the snow.  Lets take brief trip through the digestive system and talk about novel approaches towards balance, testing and function. Gut problems are one of the most common complaints in an office and unfortunately the food someone eats is always overlooked but needs to be largely considered in order to have successful treatment.  If you have crohns disease, colitis, IBS, bloating, poor bowel movements, this talk if for you. A light lunch will be served. Join us in the conference room outside the cherry creek office.